Dance Tights

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Dance Bag

Dressed and Ready for Dance!

Sooooo.....you and your child have made the big decision and dance class is going to start soon! You will want your child to feel confident and comfortable. Welcome to our Dance Shop!

Besides the fact that it is just awesomely cool to look like a ballerina princess or a dancin' dude, the right dancewear serves some very important purposes...

1) Your young dancer is going to stretch, so their clothes have to stretch too. So sad to see the frustration of a child whose parent sent her to dance class in jeans and she's trying to do splits. A leotard is important.

2) Your young dancer is going to become a work of art, or at least trying to. They will be learning to position legs, body and arms in certain shapes and it is hard to tell if we have it right in clothes that are too baggy. We recommend brands made for dance: Capezio, Stella, Spotlight and others.

3) We need to keep leg muscles warm...tights are usually important. Real dance tights that don't run and tear so much when you do splits. Yes, you can get thin, dress up tights for about a third of the price, but your child will ruin a pair every other week. Do yourself a favor and get the right stuff.

4) Your dancer may be twirling or sort of upside down (like when they reach for their feet) sometimes. It kinda ruins things if your hair hits you in the eyes or goes in your mouth. We don't wear buns just to be weird....it really is just much more practical.

5) Dancers may need to point their toes, slide without slipping, run lightly, spring into a jump or even - in tap - make sounds with their feet. The correct shoes and correct fit are VERY IMPORTANT.

6) Dancers keep their things organized and do not wear their dance shoes outside (You don't want to ruin them or bring dirt onto the dance studio floor where you may be sitting and stretching.) A dance bag is part of your gear!

So here is what we recommend for the young dancer...

Tap Shoes

Ballet Shoes

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