Yes! If you have taken our dance classes, you guessed it. Relevé. In other words, rising onto your tip-toes. This build foot, ankle and leg strength plus gives you great looking calves. Some do and don't tips...

*Do rise up all the way so that your ankle is straight.

*Do press the floor with your big toe.

*Don't let your ankles roll sideways so you are standing mostly on your "pinky" toe.

*Don't "bounce." Do them slowly up and slowly down.

Good!                                  Not Good

​                                    enough...


Try ten on the first day. That is a good number to stick with if you are 3 or 4 years old. If you are older, add a few more each day until you can do one hundred. When you finish, put one foot flat on the floor behind you and bend your knees to stretch out the tightened calf muscles in the back of your leg. Then do the same with the other foot behind you.

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Exercise One

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Hey dancers! Even on days when you are not in dance classes, you need ballet exercises to stay stretched and strong.

Annnnd.... dance moms can join the fun and get in shape too! The great thing is, you don't have to do them all at once to benefit. Just five or ten minutes several times a day can make a big diference!

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